Smok Pen Features

smok pen

Smok Pen Features

A SOK Pen is the perfect writing companion for anyone who enjoys writing. This writing device has a built in LED screen that may be easily seen despite having the cap covering it. The SOK vapor pen comes with a rechargeable 1600mah battery and may be used to write, draw, or email a document in just minutes. When you choose the SOK Pen you obtain a wood hand-painted case which has a velvety finish. It also has an engraved logo in silver that you may put on your Puff Bar Flavors desk or refrigerator to create it look as attractive as ever.

The SOK Vapor Pen includes a velvety paper roll in addition to a black retractable nib and a USB cable. With the built-in LED screen, you can view what you are writing without needing to flip the device over to see what you are doing. The pen has a convenient power cord which can be mounted on any wall socket. It has a front loading USB port so you can utilize it with any USB powered device like a digital camera or perhaps a digital notebook. The SOK Pen is fairly small and thin, which makes it convenient to carry around wherever you are.

The very first thing you will notice when you receive your book vapor pen is that the pen has two different speeds. One of many speeds is ideal for writing and the other works great for quick sketches and e-mails. Utilizing the turbo speed ensures that you obtain an accelerated fire button for all of your writing. If you want to write quickly a higher rate of speed is ideal. You don’t want to rush work utilizing a slow milling speed.

This wonderful device includes a lot of nifty features that make it stand out from the others. Its touch-sensitive button is great for quickly activating the fire button and switching applications. You can even do some quick adjustments on its temperature dial. The built in battery life is longer than most pens. With a superior quality silicone sleeve, with the ability to provide a long lasting charge alone.

The pen includes a handy place to put an e-liquid bottle in addition to a micro usb port for charging. Thus giving you a complete way to do your job. So long as have to worry about constantly running out of ink or if you ran out of battery life you can to put it simply the e-liquid bottle inside and wait for it to refill. This is great for drawing detailed designs. You can also draw animations and diagrams with the Smok Vapor Pen.

The Smok Vapor Pen could also be used as an ordinary pen when you do not have an e-liquid bottle to utilize. It functions as being a normal pen. It is possible to write and draw on the pen and use the included micro usb port to charge. If you need to add some more oomph to it then you can take away the included battery and add the ability to use it like an ink pen. This will save you some money on buying ink.

The opportunity to use it as an ink pen means that you may get a smooth taste from your drawing or writing. That is achieved with the Smok Vapor Pen airflow system. It is a two piece system. The airflow piece is positioned on the reservoir and the pen barrel. The airflow increases the vapour pressure and then reduces it through the nib.

That is one of the best features of this pen and I think that it is exactly why this pen is so popular. It is this type of great feature and I am sure that it increases the quality of the product. The Smok Vapor Pen flavour can be great because it includes exactly the same cool technology that goes into the pen. It also has the capacity to print your design directly onto the reservoir. Should you be wondering what you should search for when you are searching for a pen, then look for one that uses the air flow system. It will make your drawing or writing experience so far better.